Lecture Hall: A03 Plato
Poster Hall:   A05 Locke

Sun, July-28-2013
13:30-18:00 Registration + Reception
14:00-18:00 Poster session
Mon, July-29-2013
Novel quantum many-body methods
09:30-10:15XiangTensor renormalization and its application in the critical systems
10:15-10:45McCullochTime evolution and locality in tensor networks
10:45-11:15Coffee break
11:15-12:00LeeRecent new progress on variational approach for strongly correlated t-J model
12:00-12:30AletAccessing localization properties of many-body systems with quantum Monte Carlo
14:00-14:30MelkoEntanglement at quantum critical points in two dimensions
14:30-15:00Orús2D topological order: robustness and multipartite entanglement
15:00-15:30LäuchliEntanglement spectroscopy of quantum matter
15:30-16:45Poster session
Tue, July-30-2013
Superconductivity, superfluidity
09:30-10:15YipOrder parameter and surface states for superconducting Cu:Bi2Se3
10:15-10:45PolletLattice modulation of a two-dimensional superfluid: could it be … the Higgs particle?
10:45-11:15Coffee break
Disordered systems
11:15-12:00RiegerThe two-dimensional disordered Bose-Hubbard model: phase diagrams and new applications
12:00-12:30IglóiRandom quantum magnets in d >= 2 dimensions: critical behavior and entanglement entropy
Deconfined quantum-criticality
14:00-14:45KawashimaQuantum phase transition in SU(N) J-Q Heisenberg model
14:45-15:15SenLow-energy excitations of near-critical 2D antiferromagnets
15:15-15:45Coffee break
15:45-16:30KaulFate of CP(N-1) fixed points with q-monopoles
16:30-17:00BeachResonating-valence-bond trial wave functions (and beyond) for frustrated quantum magnets
Wed, July-31-2013
Topological states, fractionalization
09:30-10:15AssaadPhase diagram of the Kane-Mele Hubbard model
10:15-10:45SchuchCharacterizing topological order in Projected Entangled Pair States
10:45-11:15Coffee break
11:15-12:00SinghYb2Ti2O7 a model Quantum Spin Ice
12:00-12:30PollmannTopological phases in gapped edges of fractionalized systems
Quantum computing, dissipation
14:00-14:45PoulinThe search for a new, self-correcting phase of matter
14:45-15:15WeiUniversal quantum computation with AKLT states
15:15-15:30Coffee break
15:30-16:15CugliandoloFrom Brownian dynamics to impurity motion in 1D quantum liquids
16:15-17:00YoungMind the Gap -- Could a quantum computer solve optimization problems efficiently?