Interacting quantum many-body systems pose interesting and important challenges, both as fundamental condensed-matter physics problems and in the context of applications in quantum information theory. Recently, fruitful interactions between the two communities have led to progress on both fronts. The workshop will bring together condensed-matter and quantum-information theorists to discuss these recent advances in quantum statistical mechanics, novel methods as well as key applications.

Topics include quantum Monte Carlo simulations, tensor-product states, novel quantum states and quantum phase transitions, entanglement, quantum dynamics, frustrated quantum magnets, and cold-atom systems.

Organizing committee

Pochung Chen 陳柏中
National Tsing Hua University
Yu-Cheng Lin 林瑜琤
National Chengchi University

email: yc.lin (at)
Ying-Jer Kao 高英哲
National Taiwan University
Anders W. Sandvik
Boston University